Storytelling for Podcasts

Thursday October 21, October 28, and November 4
5-8 p.m.
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This class focuses on non-fiction narrative shows – the documentary-style, often serialized, story-driven podcasts like Serial, Missing Richard Simmons, and Wind of Change that are known for telling expansive, immersive stories. The best ones leave listeners feeling like they’ve been on a journey, and maybe even with a new perspective on the world. So how do podcasters create that experience? What are the choices that go into structuring a narrative show that keeps listeners hitting the play button every episode? In this workshop, Instructor Lacy Roberts will guide students through the elements of narrative, and will look closely at the narrative structures often seen in serialized storytelling. Students will look closely at successful narrative shows to deconstruct what makes them so good, and derive lessons they can take with them in their podcasting adventures. This class will also demystify the process of creating a narrative show, discuss what kinds of stories make good narrative podcasts, and provide students with actionable next steps if they think they have a great show idea. 

Students will learn the elements of narrative, and what narrative structures work best in podcasting. They’ll have the tools to critically deconstruct shows and understand how they are put together. A deep understanding of how to construct compelling narratives is vital for aspiring podcasters hoping to tell serialized stories.

Instructor Lacy Roberts an independent podcast editor and producer based in Missoula, Montana. She’s successfully developed, piloted, produced, and edited shows for clients like CNN (Total Recall: California’s Political Circus and Election 101,) TED (Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter,) First Look Media (Impostors Seasons 1 & 2,) The New York Times (The Argument,) Al Jazeera (Closer than They Appear,) and more.

Before going independent, she was the managing producer at Brooklyn-based and Peabody-nominated podcast production company Transmitter Media. In 2017, she co-directed We Became Fragments, a short documentary film featured in the New York Times Op-Docs Season 6.