Montana Nonprofit Association 2020 Annual Conference

The Montana Media Lab presented two talks at the annual Montana Nonprofit Association virtual conference in September 2020.

Talking to the Media

Long-time journalists Courtney Lowery-Cowgill and Anne Bailey from the UM School of Journalism discussed practical tips for conveying stories effectively to the media. Participants learned best ways to contact journalists, what to do when a reporter calls for an interview and what information television, radio and newspaper journalists need to tell compelling stories. Through practice and feedback, participants gained confidence in being interviewed, both on and off camera.

Using Social Media for Good, and Strategically

Participants learned how to better plan, organize and execute a social media strategy that reflects their organization’s mission and culture and keeps their audience engaged and informed. Attendees refined their organization’s social media strategy to focus on authenticity and impact, learned to use social media for connection instead of just marketing, and explored new tools to help streamline their social media strategy.

Check out the session recording: