Box Elder High School Participates in NPR Podcast Challenge

Last spring, students from Box Elder High School, located on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, teamed up with Montana Media Lab on a podcast about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) to submit in NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge.

According to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, four out of five Native women are affected by violence in their lifetime. The Box Elder students highlighted the effect MMIW has on their community, other indigenous communities, and beyond. 

This year, the Montana Media Lab will team up with Box Elder students again and create a new podcast episode on meth addiction and the ripple effect it has on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation. 

Below are snippets of our work with Box Elder including Fight Like a Bear’s first podcast episode on MMIW.

Behind the Scenes of the Fight Like a Bear Podcast with Box Elder

Box Elder student hits record for the podcast

Student Jon-Aye records her script for the MMIW podcast

Student JeQuinn learns how the art of balancing sound for a podcast

This Box Elder student edits audio with instruction

Podcasting is a collaborative effort. Here, students test sound and recording

Box Elder students learn the importance of script writing

Box Elder students learn the importance of storytelling

Preparation for the MMIW podcast

Box Elder’s Fight Like a Bear Podcast Features First Episode